AimCharge Wireless Charging Stand Has An Auto-Aligning Coil That Ensures Fast Charging Every Single Time

There’s no shortage of Qi-compatible charging stands out there, allowing you to wirelessly charge your smartphone while it stands upright on the table, making it easy to check messages, scroll through your social media feeds, and even take video calls. All of them require you to properly align your phone with its built-in charging coil, so you have to keep adjusting your phone’s position until you see that battery icon moving. The AimCharge eliminates that.

No, it’s not like previous solutions that integrated multiple coils so your phone will charge regardless of placement. Instead, it uses a coil that can automatically align itself to the device on the stand, so you can plop down your phone without looking and be confident that it will draw power every single time.

The AimCharge looks like a standard-looking wireless charging stand, with a dock for keeping your phone stable and LED indicators for where the charging coil is currently located. Unlike other charging stands, though, you don’t need to align your phone’s Qi module with those indicators, as it will automatically make its own adjustment throughout the length and width of the stands back support. That’s right, it can adjust the coils left, right, upwards, and downwards, ensuring you get perfect alignment for maximum charging speed, regardless of how you set down your device. Oh yeah, those LED indicators also move along with the coils, so when you remove your phone, you can see where the charging coil moved to properly align with it (it stays there), which is pretty cool.

Because it’s able to automatically align its coils to the phone, it’s able to work with any make and model of smartphone in both portrait and landscape orientation. So long as your mobile device supports Qi charging, you can dock it in the stand and you’re good to go. Aside from phones, the outfit claims it also works with Qi-compatible charging cases for wireless ear buds. In fact, they’re guessing it can work with most other Qi-compatible devices, provided they can actually fit on the stand.

The AimCharge has 20W fast charging speed, allowing it to charge any device with optimal power. Like all new modern chargers, it can recognize whatever device is charging on it, too, so it can deliver the maximum amount of power it will safely take, whether you’re using it to charge an iPhone, a wireless ear bud case, or any of the dozens upon dozens of Android smartphones. According to the outfit, it can even charge smartphones even with their cases on up, provided they’re 5mm thick or less.

Aside from the universal compatibility, fast charging support, and auto-aligning coil, the device also boasts the ability to keep the charger’s temperature under 55 degrees Celsius at all times, so you enjoy all those conveniences with safety in mind. There’s also over-voltage protection and foreign object detection, which will halt charging if something accidentally gets in the stand (like a key or coin).

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the AimCharge. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $39.

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