Sneakerheads Will Love This 3D Puzzle Of The Hi-Top Jordan Flight 45


There’s something about putting together a 3D puzzle that’s very satisfying. When that puzzle comes together into something you actually adore, that satisfaction feels even greater. If you’re a sneakerhead, we have an inkling you’ll feel that way about the Air Jordan 45 High 3D Puzzle.

Made by London-based Graphic artist Yoni Alter, it’s a 3D puzzle that, once completed, takes on the shape of the high-top version of the Jordan Flight 45 sneakers. Whether you’re a fan of the relatively new basketball silhouette, an admirer of awesome sneakers, or just a dude who’s way into toy puzzles, this thing will make for a satisfying toy to put together and display on a shelf.


The Air Jordan 45 High 3D Puzzle consists of 19 individual pieces that you stack on top of each other to assemble into the beloved silhouette.  Differently colored pieces allow it to create discernible lines that reproduce the original footwear’s, from the side panels and leather straps around the upper to the toe caps and the multi-layer sole. Seriously, it’s beautifully put together. Each piece is handmade in resin at the artist’s UK studio.

Only 30 sets of the Air Jordan 45 High 3D Puzzle will be made, each one individually signed and numbered for authenticity. It’s slated for a January ship date, priced at £195.

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