Air-Trekker Jumping Stilts Discounted For Summer 2009


While it hasn’t exactly taken off the way its creators probably hoped, the Air Trekker jumping stilts remain one of the most fascinating leg-strapping contraptions currently available.  Essentially turning any surface into a trampoline, it lets you take vertical leaps of unusual heights and hop to your next location like the Incredible Hulk.

How cool would it be to jump 10 feet high and “run” at up to 20 mph like a superhero?  That’s exactly what the Air-Trekker lets you do.  As such, it’s been a favorite among adrenaline junkies who find it a good break from the oh-so-typical day of doing skateboard tricks and running up bike ramps.  I’ve heard some folks recommend it as an alternative transportation mode too, although, I find the idea pretty annoying (I don’t want ten dudes bouncing 6-feet up in the air down the sidewalk while I’m taking a stroll).

Sporting an aluminum frame and carbon fiber springs, each three-foot long Air-Trekker uses compression and deflection (the harder you press down, the bigger the push) to propel you into the air.  Once securely fastened to your legs, you’ll be standing a foot and a half taller, with the ability to leap tall fences in a single bound.

Not sure when they lowered the prices, but the company is now selling all models at a pretty huge discount.  The base model has been slashed 44% and now sells for $270; the “Extreme” version got a 51% markdown for a $390 price; and the 2009-edition Pro Cuff received a 38% reduction for a $370 retail price. Air Trekkers