Airframe Holds Your Photos In An Airplane Window

With all sorts of digital options for displaying pictures, regular photo frames may well be going out of commission.  That doesn’t mean they won’t make for clever decorative pieces, though.  And that’s exactly what the Airframe does.

Designed by James Kim, it’s an old-school frame for photographic prints that’s been styled to look like an airplane window.  Line up your bedroom wall with these and you can make your flight sim games feel just a little more realistic.   Just make sure to choose photos that make it appear like you’re actually inside a plane (yes, of course,we mean photos of flying unicorns and UFOs).

The Airframe measures 24.8 x 33.8 x 2.8 cm, with a semi-rounded display case that can show off 8 x 10 inch prints.  The frame is made from polycarbonate, with an ABS protective sheet covering the photo.   Not only does it mimic an airplane window’s shape, they also included  a decorative  curtain that, unfortunately, can’t be pulled down (would be awesome if you could though).

If you want to display a Google Map print or an aerial photograph of your city, the Airframe could very well be the perfect casing for it.   In case you can’t decide what photo to display, each comes with a print (the one with clouds and plane wing in the first picture) that depict in-flight views with the set.

Put in the right hands, the Airframe could make for an awesome wall decor.  Provided, of course, that you can find the clever photos to match.   Each one retails for $47.

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