Airocide Air Purifier Requires No Filters, No Cleaning


Your air purifier probably works well as it is.  Heck, it might even be a peach to look at like the Andrea Air Purifier we raved about a while back.   It’s probably fair to say that no matter what unit you’re using, it won’t be as awesome as the Airocide Air Purifier.

Unlike other air purifiers, these ones are based off technology that NASA used to slow down the process of fruits and vegetables ripening too quickly during space journeys by scrubbing the air of ethylene.  That tech has finally been tweaked for consumer use in the form of this rectangular device that looks more like an audio speaker than a utilitarian air-cleaning contraption.

Instead of using filters like traditional air purifiers, Airocide employs a densely-packed matrix of tiny glass rings coated with titanium dioxide.  When a particle is drawn in to collide with those, they get destroyed on contact, with the only by-product being water vapor — yep, there are no filters to replace and no electrostatic plates to wipe clean.  Basically, it’s dirty air in and clean air out (it claims to destroy 100% of harmful pathogens), with no residue in between.  They do require you to replace the Reaction Chamber once a year, with an indicator light informing you when that time comes.

Not a fan of ugly air purifiers?  Not a problem.  Airocide comes in an attractive design with clean lines, a detailed metal grill pattern that looks just like the one on your speakers, touch-sensitive controls and even an optional dark wood sleeve to really class it up.  It measures 6.9 x 18.7 x 6 inches (w x l x d) and weighs 9 pounds.

Airocide is available now, priced at $799.

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