Airplantframe Turns Air Plants Into Decorative Wall Art

Want to green up your house without dealing with the hassles of soil and pots?  Got a blank patch of wall that can use some fancy art?  Solve both problems at once with the Airframe, a wire canvas for growing airplants designed for mounting up walls.

Made by landscape architect Josh Rosen, the structure lets you decorate a wall with a roster of airplants without any hassles — just set the plants up on the frame’s cables and mount the entire thing up a vertical surface.  You can put one in the living room,  the kitchen, the patio, and anywhere else in the house, greening up your digs without adding more chores to your daily to-do list.

The Airplantframe is constructed from powder-coated aluminum, with the wire grid made up of stainless steel cables arranged in intersecting rows and columns.   Everything is powder-coated for a presentable finish.  Billed as “vertical gardening made simple,” initial set-up is not just the easy part, but you can rearrange the plants any time as well.  It comes in two sizes: a square frame measuring 11 x 11 inches and a rectangular frame measuring 11 x 18 inches.

Because the assembly is fully open, light and air pass through freely, allowing your plants to get the natural nourishment they need.  For maintenance, simply spray water onto the plants in the frame — nothing more. Oh yeah, maybe one thing: make sure to wipe down the wall after spraying to clean up those messy drips.

Each Airplantframe comes with a starter kit of five small airplants.  Price is $90 for the square and $130 for the rectangle.

Check It Out via Cool Hunting