One Touch Interceptor TI Is The Drone-Hunting Drone Of Our Future Skies


We’ve already seen handheld weapons that let you shoot targeted pulses at drones to keep them from entering your airspace. While awesome, wouldn’t you rather capture that drone and add it to your trophy collection? Nah, probably not. In case you do, however, the drone-hunting Airspace One Touch Interceptor TI lets you do just that.

A drone designed to hunt and capture other drones, it can autonomously come near a drone, capture it with a tethered net, and bring it to any specified landing area. Whether you’re a drug lord protecting your production center, a supervillain running a secret facility, or just a paranoid property owner who hates flying cameras, this thing will let you keep your property’s airspace free of snooping quadcopters like your very own drone police.

The Airspace One Touch Interceptor TI comes with machine vision and deep learning capabilities that allow it to identify unauthorized drones around the area they’re patrolling, as well as zone in on the target, anticipate its movements, and react to its actions in real-time, ensuring it will be able to catch rogue drones, even without a pilot on the controls. According to the outfit, they chose to capture the drones instead of shooting it down to avoid accidents, since drone debris can cause injury and property damage.

As of now, Airspace is still in the process of testing and developing the One Touch Interceptor TI, with little details on planned availability or pricing. You can, however, check it out in action on the video below.

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