AirSupply Is A Hand Pump That Fits In A Bike’s Seat Post For Easy Access

We’ve seen a floor pump hidden inside a bike seat post before and it’s a very convenient design. You know what’s even more convenient? This new AirSupply, which you can use to pump air to your bike tires without having to remove the seat post like that previous solution required.

Instead of removing the seat post and pumping it on the floor like the previous solution we’ve seen, this one just requires you to pump the seat itself. Simply hook up the valve to the tire and begin moving the seat up-and-down. Even better, it can work with most any frame and saddle combination, so there’s absolutely no need to replace anything on your existing setup. While designed for 27.2mm diameter frames, it comes with adaptors that allow it to fit snug even in larger setups.

AirSupply consists of an erstwhile normal-looking aluminum seat post, albeit with an attached bag that houses the pressure gauge, the hose, and the valve. Just open the bag when you need to use the pump, hook things up, and start pumping. That bag, by the way, comes with an integrated LED safety light (in case you don’t have one), with the coiled hose coming in a length that should reach both front and back tires with ease. It can deliver a maximum tire pressure of 116 psi.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for AirSupply. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $40.

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