Airturn BT-105, A Foot Pedal For Turning Sheet Music On The iPad

Want to get rid of the piles of sheet music you carry around during a performance? Go paperless by loading your entire collection of printed music on the iPad. In case you’re wondering how you’ll flip pages while holding on to your instruments, you can use this: the Airturn BT-105.

A foot-controlled pedal, the device sits on the floor and lets you flip pages in your sheet by lightly stepping on it. Juicing from an onboard battery, rechargeable via USB, it can go up to 100 hours on standby, allowing you to take it on the road for both practice and actual performances.

The BT-105 consists of a main hub that auto-pairs with your iPad via Bluetooth. You can then plug up to two pedals on the hub – one if you only intend on moving forwards and a pair if you want to move back and forth between pages. It’s compatible not just with the iPad, but Macs and PCs too, where they will simulate the page up and page down keys on a standard keyboard.

Many third-party apps in the App Store for reading music (such as forScore, MusicReader, and unrealBook) will work with the peripheral out of the box, along with ebook readers and other applications. Airturn also released a developer kit, so interested parties can add support for the pedal controls in their own applications.

The Airturn BT-105 will drop in stores this coming November 16th, priced at $69. Check it out in the video below.

[AirTurn via Gadget Lab]