Being Able To Split In Half Makes The ALEX Bottle Infinitely Easier To Clean


If there’s any knock to be made on water bottles, it’s the fact that they’re tough to clean. I mean, they’re bottles, so they’re narrow and taper at some point — being hard to clean kind of comes with that territory. ALEX is a new water bottle that overcomes that obstacle with a simple redesign.

Like other portable water bottles, you can fill it with your favorite beverages to take along to the gym, the park, or wherever you end up throughout the course of the day. Unlike them, it unscrews right in the middle, rendering each half around the size of a drinking cup, so you can easily wash them by hand and even fit them inside the dishwasher.


ALEX has a threaded middle section that allows it to quickly unscrew for cleaning, then screw back in just as easily for regular water bottle use. It screws on tightly, too, so you can expect zero leaks while you carry it in your bag as you make your way around town. Do note, it’s made from single-wall stainless steel, so there’s very little insulation, making it suitable for cold drinks only (unless you like burning your hand or something). Since it can unscrew, though, that means you can throw in ice cubes without having to squeeze them through the mouth, allowing you to prepare really cold drinks right before you leave the house.


Construction is premium-grade 304 stainless steel for the body, with the cap and the threaded part cut in BPA-free plastics. A silicone sleeve, which you can use to cover the lower half of the bottle is included to keep your drinks colder for just a tad longer.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for ALEX. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $34.

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