Alien Invader Multi-Tool Gives Your Keychain Some 80s Retro Love

Keychain multi-tools are rarely all that useful.  And, frankly, are often boring.  The Alien Invader Multi-Tool brings the same barely usable tiny implements, but definitely ups the ante in entertainment value by being a Space Invader.

Measuring 8 x 4.5 x 0.7cm (w x h x d), the keychain attachment slots right into your keyring to give your retro-gaming sensibilities a new pocket novelty to play with.  That way, when you put your keys on the desk at work in the morning, it can feel at home while you drink your coffee from a Space Invaders Mug and eat a breakfast of Space Invaders Cake.  Make sure to check the time on your Space Invaders Watch, though — I heard you were supposed to send the boss a report before ten.

Like many keychain multi-tools, the Alien Invader Multi-Tool is made from steel, but is designed for extra-light tool duties.  You get three tools on the set: a Phillips screwdriver, a flat head screwdriver and a bottle opener.  The screwdrivers sit on either side as the hands of the alien and are folded so they don’t end up poking holes in your pants (although they still might).

Since it has pointy screwdrivers, the product page warns that this is a novelty gift for adults and not a toy for your children.   Seriously, though, how many young children today even know Space Invaders?  We all know it’s all the old people lapping up this stuff.   You can get the Alien Invader Multi-Tool from Firebox, priced at £7.99.