Align Stapler Uses Detachable Bottom And Magnets To Staple Difficult Areas

There was a time in my life when a stapler was a necessity.  This year, I think I’ve had to staple items a grand total of twice.  And that’s a good thing.  If your existence is not quite as stapler-free, however, you’ll probably appreciate the unique powers of the Align Stapler.

Another one of the crowdsourced projects at Quirky, the new stapler design seeks to make it easier to perform those difficult stapling jobs that probably gave you fits back in the day.  You know, like stapling folded sheets of paper at the center or stapling keepsakes close to the spine of a notebook.

Align eases the stapling frustration by sporting a detachable magnetic design.  Basically, the top and bottom parts of the stapler can be fully separated, then realigned later with paper in between them using the built-in magnets.  When the top and bottom parts are reattached, you can use it just like any regular stapler you stole off somebody else’s desk at work.

Back in the day, I have a whole slew of friends who would have fought over this thing.  I mean, it would have made stapling self-published fanzines, booklets and all sorts of printed matter a heck of a lot easier.  Since most of those crap have been replaced by digital solutions, though, I have no idea about the kind of end-user that will still find this thing indispensable.  A decade or so too late is my guess.

If the Align Stapler can actually help make your life easier, you can go to Quirky to help get a production run of this thing going.

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