Sleep Like Siamese Twins Using Alite’s Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bags


No, there’s really nothing all that sexy about the Alite Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag. There’s also not much difference in its design compared to other wearable sleep sacks. Except for the fact that you can zip two or more bags together through the sides, allowing you to bind people together while they’re sleeping to make it hard for them to get up in the morning (or at dawn to take a leak).

Why make wearable sleeping bags that zip together on the sides? We’re not entirely sure. Maybe so couples can walk around stuck to each other like Siamese twins.  Or maybe it’s just hilarious to see four people attached to each other side-by-side trying to get things done around camp. Whichever the case, this thing lets you affix yourself to another person by simply zipping up the integrated connectors, giving folks an entirely new option during group slumber.


For use as an all-day garment around camp, the Alite Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag can be unzipped along the legs to facilitate mobility, while zippered openings along the side of the body let you pop out your hands to grab and get a hold of stuff. Construction is poly taffeta for the shell, with synthetic fill providing enough insulation to enable three-season use. Features include a kangaroo pocket, simultaneous hood-and-neck cinch for quickly closing up, and two sizes (medium and large).


Available now, pricing for the Alite Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag starts at $169.

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