All City Breakers Lets You Play With B-Boy Figures

Remember those retro green army men and their frozen battle poses?  Yep, the same ones you had fighting your remote control zombies that time you were stoned out of your mind.  Oh, that was last night? Well,  All City Breakers is the hip-hop version of that, capturing breakdancers frozen in acrobatic action poses.

Made by Kidrobot, the set consists of tiny breaker figures performing a variety of classic b-boy poses, perched atop a solid plastic base.  I’ll be damned if I know what half of these moves are called, but they’re probably what you’d expect from an 80s dance showdown.

The All City Breakers figures are constructed from injection-molded plastic, measuring two inches tall.  Each one is held upright by a solid plastic base and accompanied by a mini-boombox to complete the look.   They aren’t movable, but should make for a nice tabletop decoration (like if you want breakers littered around the station in your model train set or something).  You can also put them in front of your retro plastic soldiers for staging an army versus b-boy posse battle.

Each figure is individually packaged in foil wrapping (with a boombox, of course), decked in either pink, green, orange or blue colors.   Release is slated for September 15, priced at $1.95 each.