All-Electric Dynacar Goes From 0 To 87 Mph in 10 Seconds

No, Batman didn’t suddenly decide to include orange in his color combination. That superhero-worthy ride is actually the Dynacar, an all-electric experimental vehicle with speeds that’s helping push the limit for eco-friendly transportation.

Created by Tecnalia Technological Corporation, the car posts acceleration that’s largely unexpected in such a green-minded ride. Powered by a permanent magnet synchronous electric motor with a peak power of 100 kW, it can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.7 seconds, pushing even harder to 87 mph in 10 seconds.

The Dynacar employs a single-shell, high rigidity lightweight chassis, with four wheels that incline using an adjustable deformable parallelogram suspension system. Made from steel and aluminum alloy, it has a total weight of just 1,543 lbs. At the current configuration, the installed battery is only good for a 43-mile range under real-world conditions. If implemented for actual road use, though, the creators said various range extension components can be integrated, so it might have hope yet as your crime-fighting vehicle the next time you put on your Batman suit.

As of now, it’s being used as a research platform for new concepts in high-powered electric traction, which is why they’re slapping in every advanced tech they can squeeze into the thing. While I doubt it’s going to make it into actual production (especially looking like a weaponized black-and-orange superhero car), it could spur some developments that see electric car platforms push the limits of performance.

[Tecnalia via Gizmag]