All I Want Is A Treehouse

When I think of tree houses, my mind conjures up images of a makeshift room, sloppily put together with spare wood and a big “NO GIRLS ALLOWED” sign. Yup, you can blame Saturday morning cartoons for that, since I never really experienced a tree house growing up in an apartment building.

To my surprise, some folks actually do take erstwhile children’s playrooms seriously fashioning them to look like classic Italian abodes, Loch side retreats and fake Tudor mansions. Hell, some even equip their tre houses with complete amenities. Treasured Dreams has been responsible for many of those trendy constructions, bandying themselves as the “designers and makers of the world’s most beautiful treehouses.”

Of course, I find it difficult to disagree. One look at pictures of the things they’ve built is enough to make me foam at the mouth with envy. While I can do without the two-story fairytale castle, my stressed-out head is just dying with envy at the fully-equipped office sitting on top of a tree. If I can only have one of those, all I have to do is sound-proof the walls, add in a removable ladder and no one can bother me at my home office again!

I especially love  Treasured Dreams owner Gordon Brown’s take on treehouses: “Children think they’re a make-believe land, men view them as adventurous and women (see them) as romantic.” Personally, I see them as a way to finally get some peace and quiet. I wonder if I can ask the local handyman to build me one…

Check out these images of some of the coolest treehouses I have ever seen. Courtesy Treasured Dreams Treehouses