Finally, A Bike Multi-Tool That’s Near Impossible To Leave At Home


There’s no shortage of options in bike multi-tools. Problem is, they’re set up like regular multi-tools, which means you’ll actually have to remember to strap them to your bike or drop them in a pocket to make sure they can help you in a pinch. That’s not the case for the All In Multitool.

Instead of being stored in a bag, roll, or pouch, the multi-tool is designed to make its home right on the bike, ensuring you’ll never forget it at home. Even better, you don’t need to install a special mount in your bike frame to have a place to stash it, securing flush inside a bike’s hollow axle crank instead, essentially becoming part of your bicycle.


The All In Multitool is sized to fit on most any hollow crank, so as long as you ride a normal-sized bike, it should fit like hand in glove. Seven strong magnets on the cap of the tool secures it to the crank’s surface, so there’s little chance of the tool falling off even through extended rides. Construction is CNC-machined steel, with a substantial build that should perform durably on the road.


It comes with six bits, namely 3mm to 6mm Allen wrenches, a Phillips screwdriver, and a Torx T25 wrench, with extra slots for storing backup chain links. And, yes, it uses standard-sized bits, so you can swap in others from your stash if you need them.

Available now, the All In Multitool is priced at €65.

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