All-In-One Card Stamp: Show How Much You Really Don’t Care


If you like to stamp greetings on items such as gift wraps, cards and letters, you’ll appreciate the convenience the All-In-One Card Stamp can give.  With all the most common holiday greetings pre-carved into its ink-coating panel, you’ll be churning out pleasantries by the hundreds in no time.

Showing how much you really care is difficult.  Just imagine having to write “Merry Christmas” on 100 greeting cards in time for the holidays and you’ll realize the folly of doing things by hand.  The All-In-One Card Stamp handily accomplishes the task, with a simple check mark being all the handwriting you’ll need to perform.  Of course, it doesn’t really solve the “showing how much you care” part, but let’s be honest: do you really care that much about your 80 employees enough to strain your hand?

As you can see from the sample pressing, it takes care of most celebrations, including religious and personal events.  You can probably set aside a couple of days and stamp out all the cards you need for an entire year, never having to bother with crafting out new greetings for a good stretch of time.

Fancy one?  You can’t buy it from creator Jin Lee as it’s a personal project and not a mass-market product (yes, I pity the people he calls family and friends).  I suggest visiting your nearest custom rubber stamp maker and bringing the picture along – I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to carve one for you.

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