Fun At Home: The Alligator Manhole Cover Doormat

Sometimes, you want doormats that look classy to make your guests feel invited when they walk up to the door.  Other times, you just want them to leave without bothering to knock.  The Alligator Manhole Cover Doormat should accomplish that latter goal.

That’s right, it’s a doormat done up to look like a manhole cover with an alligator trying to get out under it.  That way, you don’t just freak out guests by having a manhole in your front door, you freak them out further by having an alligator inside the manhole in your front door.  Awesome.

The Alligator Manhole Cover Doormat is a round rug with a realistic manhole cover plus alligator print.  Seriously, this looks so real you shouldn’t just restrict yourself to putting it in the front door entryway.  Instead, you should put one in the bathroom in place of the drain, another in the kitchen right in front of the sink, and, heck, put one in the middle of the sidewalk to freak out a couple of pedestrians walking by while you’re at it, too.  Make sure to shoot a video of the proceedings on your Blackmagic Cinema Camera, upload to YouTube and profit!

Construction is 100% polyester with a rubber backing, so it won’t slip around when someone steps on it before looking down.  At 23 inches diameter, it’s sized like a proper manhole, too, so we’re almost certain you can trick a couple of people with this.  Oh yeah, it’s machine-washable, although you’d probably prefer a dirtier manhole cover with an alligator if you’re trying to scare people away.

Want one?  The Alligator Manhole Cover Doormat is available from Perpetual Kid, priced at $22.99.

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