Allobub Cactus Toilet Plunger and Brush Set Gives Your Bathroom a Desert Adventure Vibe

Indoor plants do a great job of enhancing the appearance of a space, instantly bringing personality, color, and a lively vibe to any room. Heck, it works so well, in fact, some people don’t even bother with actual plants and just bring in artificial plants to get the same effect. Can artificial plants have that same effect when you put them in the rest room? That’s what you can find out when you put in this Allobub Cactus Toilet Plunger and Brush Set right next to the toilet bowl.

That’s right, they made a plunger and brush set with handles styled to look like cactus, making them look you’re growing the spiny succulent in the bathroom when docked in their holding container. These are funny-looking cactuses, too, similar to the kind you’ll see in cartoon Westerns, allowing you to bring a unique ambience to one of the most drab places in your home.

The Allobub Cactus Toilet Plunger and Brush Set consists of three items: a plunger, a toilet brush, and a freestanding container with slots for holding both cleaning tools in place. The plunger boasts a commercial-grade rubber suction cup that can be used to clear out clogs in toilet bowls, shower drains, and sinks alike, complete with extension rubber that you can pull out of the cup for even greater suction power to clear tougher, more resistant clogs. The toilet brush, on the other hand, features strong bristles that will allow it to retain its shape for many, many uses.

Both cleaning tools feature a cactus-style handle that, the outfit claims won’t hinder your grip. Don’t worry, they didn’t make the cactus that realistic, so there are no spikes on the skin, ensuring you can hold it securely in hand when you need to some toilet cleaning. The handles are reusable, too, allowing you to put them into other plunger and brush heads when the time to replace the set comes up, so you can keep your cactus-themed bathroom decoration intact.

The Allobub Cactus Toilet Plunger and Brush Set is available now.

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