Altanus Patch Is A Digital Paper Wristwatch

Swore you’ll never wear a digital watch again?  Maybe, you’d want to change your mind with the Patch, a paper watch that pairs the dead-simple electronics of digital timepieces with an unusually stylish design.

Made by Geneva-based Altanus, the accessory is billed as the first paper watch in the world.  While I suspect some tinkerer somewhere has managed to put a LED display and time-telling electronics into a paper case before, the colorful watch probably is the first one people might actually consider strapping around their arms.

The Patch is made from biodegradable paper, lathered in a special coating that renders it waterproof and tear-resistant.  Both case and strap are made from a single sheet, with a plastic buckle for securing it around your wrist.  With the paper material and bare-basics electronics, the whole thing weighs a light 0.3 ounces.

According to Altanus, the timepiece was inspired by papier-mâché floats at the annual Carnival festival in Viareggio, Tuscany.  Hence, the attractive neon colors and bold shape that, from the looks of it, won’t look too shabby when paired with most wardrobes.

The part that’s tough to wrap one’s head around, though, is the price.  The Patch, which is made from reinforced paper and dollar-store electronics, currently retails for €24 (around $35).

[Altanus Patch Paper Watches via Ecouterre]