Altwork Convertible Workstation Lets You Work Sitting, Standing, And Lying Down


We’re not quite convinced about the merits of lying down while working on the Altwork. But if you’ve ever wished you can lie down in a super-comfortable manner while working on your computer, this convertible workstation can be easily adjusted to make that happen.

Designed for people who work exclusively with computers, it’s a chair with an integrated desk and display mount, allowing it to function as a self-contained workstation. Like all office chairs, it comes with integrated casters, so you can easily move your workstation around the office – a stark contrast from the fixed layouts of traditional cubicles and workspaces.


The Altwork’s main feature, though, is its adjustability. The chair, for instance, can laid out flat like a bed, slightly reclined, or propped up like a regular work chair, while both the desk and display mount can be adjusted vertically and horizontally, as well as tilted generously, enabling you to position them at whatever angle works best. As such, it can function as a conventional sitting workspace, a standing desk, and, more strangely, a workspace where you’re lying flat on your back. According to its creators, lying down comfortably with the monitor hanging right over your face is actually a great way to do work that requires focus, as it helps tune out the usual distractions of the workplace.

So it can be used as a standing desk, the attached mini-desk can adjusted anywhere from 36 to 60 inches off the floor, with the monitor able to rise accordingly. It’s sized to accommodate any user standing between 5’2’’ and 6’6’’ tall.

Now available to early adopters, pricing for the Altwork starts at $3,900.

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