Aluminum-Framed Laptop Bag Is Designed To Protect

Remember the aluminum iPhone case and aluminum luggage?  Well if you like the metal enclosures for your stuff, then this is going to be a delight for you. Your laptop bag is probably good for hauling a computer around.  This Aluminum-Framed Laptop Bag will do the same, with the added bonus of a wide chunk of aluminum on the outside that gives your notebook more dependable protection.

Created by Normincies, the single-piece aluminum framing travels along the entire edge of the bag (top, sides and bottom), giving it a  solid frame to fend off unwanted pressure and a rigid shape (just like a metal briefcase).  We’re not sure if it’s sturdy enough to let you sit on the top part of the frame, but I can almost guarantee anyone who uses this will try  at least once.

The Aluminum-Framed Laptop Bag comes with two main compartments: a padded area for your notebook with one A4-sized pocket, two flap pockets and three smaller pockets; and a large space with a divider for everything else you want to take along.  There’s also a zippered pocket in front for gear you want easy access to.

The aluminum is screwed right onto the fabric (either nylon or alcantara are available), so the assembly will stay in place even if you wiggle the bag around.  An elastic handle is wound around the top frame for hand-carry convenience, while the bottom has wide plastic parts screwed onto the frame so it won’t fall over when you stand it on a table.  There’s also a detachable strap that slots into the frame using torpedo-shaped hooks.

Two sizes of the Normincies Aluminum-Framed Laptop Bag will be made available — 13-inches and 15-inches.  The rub is, both are quite heavy, weighing 4.6 and 5.1 lbs., respectively.    No pricing yet.