Aluminum Telecaster Guitar Comes Dressed In Shiny Metal

We love aluminum.  It’s lightweight, sturdy and looks spiffy when polished to a shine.  More and more of our gadgets are coming in aluminum construction, so why not our instruments?  Here’s a start: the Aluminum Telecaster.

Based on the classic Fender Telecaster, the metal axe supposedly gets its inspiration from the 1930s-era Silver Arrows — those sexy grand prix racers clad in raw aluminum bodies.   We’re not sure how it sounds with a layer of that silvery metallic element, but it sure looks hot (maybe even hotter than this golden six-stringer).  And since you suck at playing anyway, we’re sure hotness is all that matters.

Like most guitars, the Aluminum Telecaster is actually made out of wood — alder for the body, maple for the neck and rosewood for the fretboard.  The aluminum is simply layered on top to give your instrument a whole load of badassery.  Getting the metal treatment are the front and back of the body, the headstock face, the pickguard, the knobs and the pickup covers.

The neck has been hand-painted to imitate petrified wood, which creates a beautiful contrast with the spit-shiny aluminum body.   A white cotton strap is thrown in, with a cut reminscent of the driver uniforms for Silver Arrow races.

Of course, you can always just take your beat-up guitar and cover it with aluminum foil.  Granted, it probably won’t look as good as the Aluminum Telecaster, but you’re going to play it in a dark club to a crowd of drunk people so we doubt that matters.  If you’d rather get the real thing, though, you can order one from the creator’s Etsy page, priced at $2,800.