Aluminum Travel Watch Tube Lets You Bring An Entourage Of Expensive Timepieces

Where do you keep your watches when you travel? If you like to bring along more than what you’re rocking on your wrist, you might want to consider the Bamford & Sons Aluminum Travel Watch Tube, an easy-to-carry canister that will keep your backup timepieces secure.

Designed for luxury watches, the stylish capsule is configured to preserve your favorite accessories’ pristine and undamaged condition throughout the trip. It offers comfortable space for up to four watches at a time, all wrapped securely on a soft calf roll.   The compact form factor lets it slip into your luggage or hand-carry bags, without causing much trouble.

The Aluminum Travel Watch Tube’s chassis is made out of anodized aluminum for ample protection, laden with a stylish black gloss finish. Interior is lined with neoprene and features an integral locking mechanism. Other special fittings include support legs (for showing off the watch when you’re not on the road) and an integrated removal implement for the bracelets.

If you’ve invested heavily in state-of-the-art timepieces (something like a special-edition Rolex or a six-figure URWERK), it only makes sense to outfit your purchases with this kind of protection. Of course, if your watch collection consists of Timex, imitation Rolex pieces and awful-looking novelties, it might be more appropriate to use something else as a holder – like a sock, for instance.

Just like the timepieces it’s meant to hold, the Bamford & Sons Aluminum Travel Watch Tube is priced on the high-end (it’s actually more expensive than my three wristwatches combined). The watch-carrying, protective capsule is currently available for $1,802.

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