Amabrush Is An Automated Toothbrush That Cleans Your Teeth In 10 Seconds


Brushing your teeth is simple enough that you can do it at any time. Brushing your teeth correctly, on the other hand, is a whole other affair. Simply put, plenty of people do it wrong, causing otherwise avoidable problems. The Amabrush wants to save you from that hassle.

Billed as “the world’s first fully automatic toothbrush,” the darn thing is designed to wear over your teeth, automatically cleaning at the push of a button. More importantly, it does the cleaning correctly, ensuring it removes all leftover food, plaque, and other gunk without doing any damage to your gums.


The Amabrush consists of a toothbrush that’s shaped like a mouthpiece, with bristles on both sides to cover both your upper and lower teeth. During use, it attaches to a battery-powered handle, which vibrates the bristles to move a certain way once you turn the rig on. To use, simply bite into the mouthpiece, press a button on the handle, and wait for ten seconds. That’s it. Just rinse the mouthpiece afterwards and you’re done.

That’s right, the whole thing cleans all of your teeth in just 10 seconds, saving you a whole load of time while ensuring your teeth is properly cleaned each time out. Of course, that time savings comes courtesy of the mouthpiece-style configuration, which allows it to cover all of your teeth in one go, eliminating the need to move the brush from one tooth to another.


If you’re wondering how you’re supposed to put toothpaste on the Amabrush, you don’t. Instead, it uses toothpaste capsules that you put in a compartment on the handle and the device takes care of portioning it every use. According to the outfit, a single capsule can last for over a month of twice-a-day use, so it shouldn’t cost a whole lot more than traditional brushing methods.

To ensure proper brushing technique, the mouthpiece comes with bristles that are directed in a 45-degree angle against the gingival cuff. According to the outfit, this allows it to clean your teeth similar to the “Bass method,” a style of brushing that’s recommended by many dentists. Built-in micro-channels allow toothpaste to be transported throughout the entire mouthpiece, so there’s no need to manually place toothpaste at any point.  The mouthpiece, by the way, comes in a single size, but is made from a flexible and antibacterial silicone material, allowing it to conform to any jaw, provided there are no abnormal teeth displacements.  According to the outfit, the mouthpiece should be replaced once every six months.


The Amabrush’s handle, on the other hand, consists of a round-shaped object that foams the toothpaste, dispenses it to the mouthpiece, and creates the vibrations that cause the bristles to move. All of those functions are powered by a rechargeable battery that should last for up to 28 10-second brushing sessions, making it ideal for bringing during travel.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Amabrush. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at €79, with replacement mouthpieces going for €6 and each toothpaste capsule going for €3.

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