Amazing Hanger Can Collapse Into A Pocket-Sized Bar For Easy Portability


No, we doubt you’ll ever look at a hanger and say, “What an amazing hanger!” I mean, it’s a hanger – it holds your clothes in the closet. The Amazing Hanger, though, will probably lead you to nod your head in silent approval, since it’s probably the only packable hanger we’ve ever seen,

That’s right, someone finally made a packable hanger, so you can carry as many as you want on your next trip without taking up a ridiculous amount of room in your luggage. Granted, it’s not entirely small enough to be negligible, but this should allow you to cram at least half a dozen on the front pouch of any backpack (provided there’s a front pouch, of course).


When in use, the Amazing Hanger measures around the same dimensions as a standard hanger, so you can use it to hold your shirts in the closet without the darn things slipping off. Even better, the arms can be shortened in half, in case you need to hang baby clothes and smaller garments. When collapsed, it measures a mere 5.9 x 1.6 x 1.2 inches, allowing you to carry a couple in a pants back pocket without any problems. Simply put, if you ever wished you can bring hangers to the hotel, AirBNB, or crappy motel you’re staying in during travel, this thing offers the most convenient option.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Amazing Hanger. Pledges to reserve a set of five starts at $10.

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