Amazing Humidifier Turns Any Water Bottle Into A Functional Humidifier

While the name sounds like a cheap carnival pitch, the Amazing Humidifier is, admittedly, impressive.  Able to turn any disposable water bottle into a functional humidifier and mister, it’s one of those simple things that just make plenty of sense.  Amazing.

Created by Korean company State of Amazing Grace (lol, seriously), it’s a replacement cap that turns an erstwhile water bottle into a powerful weapon for combating dry air.  Just remove the original cap, slot this thing in, hook it up to a power source, and you’ve got yourself a tabletop contraption ready to fulfill your need for a little moisture in the room.

The Amazing Humidifier is a palm-sized device that measures 7 cm in diameter, allowing you to easily pack it into a bag to use as an instant humidifer while you’re on the go.  It can cap off water bottles of any type, although they recommend bottles with openings that measure between 28 to 32 mm (e.g. Evian) for a snug fit.  The catch is, it only powers via a USB connection, so you’re  restricted to using this at a work desk, unless you have a USB slot on your wall outlet or your car.  Still, a functional humidifer that fits in a jacket pocket sounds like a bundle of convenience worth getting behind on.

A filter sponge is included that you’re supposed to hook up before capping the bottle off, dipping into the water to keep out particulates that could clog the mechanism.  Each filter can work for up to three months (more, if you regularly dry it under sunlight).

You can learn more about the Amazing Humidifier from the official website.  Price is $34.

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