Amazing Modern Furniture


Remember when furniture pretty much all looked the same?  Sofas, armchairs, tables…sure, you could get different colors and some different designs, but when it came down to it, a sofa was a sofa.  However, in the world of modern furniture, this is certainly not true.  There are some amazingly designed pieces out there today, some of which are almost more like artwork than furniture.  Of course, some of these are just as uncomfortable to sit in as those old, hardwood chairs with the perfectly straight backs.  You know, the ones your grandparents always had at the dinner table.

When it comes to modern chairs, some don’t even look like they’re put together—they look like they’ve been sculpted from one piece of metal.  Others look like they’ve been grown.  These chairs are often made from trees like the Azelea and have been truly grown so that the branches form a back and seat.  Still other modern chairs look like something out of a science-fiction show.  A few even feature drop down computer screens!

The bedroom has also had a makeover.  Modern bedroom furniture tends to be lower to the ground and more streamlined than older furniture.  There are some incredible looking beds, though, for those who want something really neat.  One looks like an open egg that creates a pod of warmth for you to rest in.  Still others are basically huge hammocks.  For the macabre, how about a bed that looks like a casket?  Then there’s the super minimalist bed that provides what has got to be the smallest sleeping space ever!

Of course, modern furniture and modern design has invaded every room of the home—you can also find modern tables, storage units, and much more.


Via Web Urbanist