Amazon Dash Button Just Made Online Shopping Even Lazier


Amazon just announced what may be its most ridiculous yet genuinely useful product yet: a branded button that, when pressed, will immediately ship that brand’s products to your home. Seriously, you don’t even need to open a browser or an app to get your shopping done. It’s called the Amazon Dash Button.

An even more simplified version of the Amazon Dash, it makes the process of restocking items as simple as a button push. No more scanning the barcode on a product packaging or speaking into a mic – just push the designated button for a specific product and it’s as good as ordered on your account.


The Dash Button comes as a small stick with one button in front and the brand’s logo right next to it. It comes with your choice of either an adhesive backing or a hook, so you can stick or hang each one wherever they make the most sense to have within easy reach. You can, for instance, attach the Tide button right on the washing machine, so when you’re doing laundry and find the detergent supply dwindling to nothingness, you can simply push it to get a fresh batch shipped your way. Same with the Gillete Fusion button, which you can stick right on the bathroom mirror to quickly order a new set, as soon as you realize you need it.

Do note, you’ll still have to open the app and verify the order (just one action needed) before it pushes through, but that’s actually a good thing, especially if you have children (kids love pressing buttons, after all, and you don’t want to accidentally order a century’s supply of shaving razors). As of now, Amazon has a healthy list of brands participating, although we’re pretty sure that’s bound to grow in even more massive ways sooner than later.

All Amazon Prime members can get their choice of Dash Buttons for free.

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