The Weird Shape Of Amazon’s Kindle Oasis Makes For Excellent One-Handed Handling


Just when you thought e-book readers were getting cheaper, Amazon reminds you that it won’t always be the case. At least, not if you want the best-looking, most ergonomic option you can find. Definitely not if you want the Amazon Kindle Oasis, the outfit’s new premium e-book reader.

The slimmest and thinnest Kindle ever released, the reader measures just 0.13 inches on the slimmest section and weighs a lightweight 4.7 ounces. Of course, it does get chunkier on one edge – a design element makes the device easier to hold with one hand.  And thanks to an onboard accelerometer, you can orient that flared edge to either side, making it just as easy to use for both right- and left-handed readers.


The Amazon Kindle Oasis comes with a 6-inch E-Ink Carta display, which boasts 300 ppi screen density and 16-level gray scale. That isn’t any different from their last flagship ebook reader, although the positive reviews on that screen means this should perform just as amiably. Touch controls are fully supported, although they also include page turn buttons on the flared edge if you’d prefer to avoid smudging the screen with your grimy fingers. Features include 10 LEDs for lighting up the screen during night-time reading, WiFi and 3G connectivity, and 4GB of onboard storage.


Because of the slim size, the device actually cuts down on battery life, with a single full charge lasting it just two weeks of use. To compensate, each ebook reader comes with an accompanying leather case, which holds a built-in battery good for an extra five weeks of power.


Available now, the Amazon Kindle Oasis is priced at $289.99.

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