A’ME’s Heated Bike Grips Will Get You Through Those Winter Rides

Riding a bike during winter sounds like an invitation to disaster.  But since you custom-ordered a Bond Bike specifically for winter-riding, then it pays to get it duly-equipped for those days of pedaling over chilly winds.  These A’ME Heated 1.3 Tri grips should prove a smart addition to your riding ensemble.

That’s right, it’s a pair of clamp-on grips to help keep your fingers toasty.  Comfy hand temperatures promote good blood flow, after all, which should help reduce fatigue and maximize dexterity in your digits during performance.

Designed for mountain bikes, the A’ME Heated 1.3 Tri grips is sold as a kit that includes two handlebar grips, a battery pack, mounting hardware, cables and a battery charger.    A small button on the grip allows you to quickly switch between six temperature settings, so you can dial down if the heat gets a little too high for comfort.  The grips  feature A’ME’s popular triangle pattern and are made from Vulcathane, a specially-formulated compound that produces the durable and slightly sticky gripping surface.  No word on how long a full charge of the battery can power the heated grips, although it’s probably a good idea to bring a pair of good thermal gloves as backup, just in case it runs out of juice in the middle of a downhill run.

The A’ME Heated 1.3 Tri grips are available in eight colors, priced at $199 for a complete kit.  Each part is also available individually (at a variety of prices), in case one part of the system conks out.