Amok Draumr Hammock Gives Campers A Flat, Stable, Bed-Like Cot

As relaxing (and, in certain instances, as mesmerizing) as a hammock may be, it really doesn’t make for the most comfortable bed, giving you extremely limited options in sleeping positions. The Amok Draumr changes that, providing a flat bed-like sleeping surface that accommodates tossing and turning to your heart’s content.

Rather than being suspended by ropes on two ends, the hammock is held up using straps on each of the two sides, which helps create a more stable line.  Inside the habitable area, you get a sleeve designed sized to hold a mattress (they recommend inflatable mattresses because it’s more firm), resulting in afloating bed that can accommodate any sleeping position, rather than a hanging cocoon that’s going to cradle your body a single way.

The Amok Draumr can take different sizes of beds — simply adjust the hammock to properly accommodate the mattress’ dimensions. It comes with an integrated zip-up net for keeping mosquitoes away, along with a tarp that you can set up to protect the hammock from the elements (requires stakes and guy lines, though). Inside, there’s a foot box for comfortably resting your feet, interior pockets for small items, and an integrated cup holder for cradling your drinks. More importantly, it allows for a unique adjustment that lets it turn into a recliner with just a few tugs of the straps, all while remaining suspended off the ground. Each one is designed to hold just one person, though, with a maximum weight capacity of 265 pounds.

Preorder is open for the Amok Draumr until the first of July, with shipments scheduled for the end of the same month. Price is $379.

Check It Out  via Gizmag