Amron Rinser Toothbrush Comes With Built-In Fountain

Every time you brush your teeth, you either use a cup to wash your mouth or gobble up water straight from the faucet.  If you find neither of those two things enjoyable, the Amson Rinser Toothbrush offers a new alternative: it will deliver the water into your mouth like a fountain.

Unnecessary?  Yes.  Slightly ridiculous?  Maybe.  Effective?  Definitely.  Using a “power fountain” design, the toothbrush will catch water gushing off the faucet through a built-in crevasse, which you can then send shooting back up straight to your piehole through a button on the body, saving you from having to duck down to cup water with your palms.

Granted, the Amron Rinser Toothbrush doesn’t really solve a genuine problem that’s making life difficult.  However, I’d be lying if I said that fountain design didn’t entertain me at the least.  Plus, this might end up being useful for activities beyond rinsing.  Need a splash of water to wipe that leftover shaving cream off your face?  Don’t bother bending towards the sink — just use the toothbrush and aim the fountain at the spot you want cleaned.  Want to know how it feels to drink from a fountain of beer?  Yep, bring this with you on the way to the fridge and… you catch the drift.

When the bristles give out, you don’t have to throw the whole toothbrush away — you can simply remove the head which is designed to pop off in a snap and keep the fountain for your beer-drinking proclivities.  Or you can just buy additional snap-in bristles, so you can keep using the fountain without buying a new toothbrush every time.

Made by Amron Experimental, the Amron Rinser starts shipping November.  It’s available for preorder now, priced at $22.

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