Analog Clocktail Puts A Giant Clock Under Your Coffetable

We keep a special place in our hearts for analog clocks.  Even though we have the time on every piece of household electronics these days (heck, even my electric fan shows the time), having a huge clock somewhere around the house still makes sense somehow.   If you like to keep a small clock on the coffee table, too, why not trade that in for this Analog Clocktail Table.

Instead of putting a clock on the table, it puts a clock inside the table.  Yep, your entire tabletop is now one large analog clock face.  That way, you can just glance down the coffee table when you need to check the time — no more staring up a wall, looking down your wrist or grabbing for your phone.  Well, it’s not really that much more of a convenience, but that coffee table sure looks pretty.

The Analog Clocktail Table measures 17.25 inches tall, with a 40-inch diameter glass tabletop and a 36-inch diameter clock sitting under it.  Design is overwhelmingly vintage, with a clock face that looks straight out of an art deco collection and a classic-style table frame.  The frame is made from powder coated steel that’s finished with burnished amber and gold streaks, while the center of the clock showcases a similarly gold-accented faux antique medallion.  Other details include quartz movement, inaudible ticking, and one AA battery for power.

Want one?  The Analog Clocktail Table is available from Hammacher Schlemmer, priced at $599.95.

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