Anaptar Calendar Crams A Ridiculous Amount Of Lunar Data In A Single Chart


Unlike traditional calendars (and even non-traditional calendars), the Anaptar doesn’t just list the different days of the year. Instead, this ambitious chart visualizes a comprehensive amount of data that correspond to the lunar cycle in a single unified visual.

We’re not kidding about comprehensive. Like other calendars, it shows the months, weeks, days, and holidays of any given year, but reinforces it with the seasons, solstices, and equinoxes. The chart also contains the hours of dawn, sunrise, sunset, dusk, moonrise, and moonset, along with the culmination of the sun, culmination of the moon, declination of the moon, and changes in the distance between the moon and the Earth. Seriously.


The Anaptar 2016 Calendar displays all that in a circular graphic, with a depiction that’s designed to vividly illustrate astronomical correlations for both the moon and the sun. Simply put, it’s an entirely new system of showing all that information in a single place, making it potentially indispensable to witches, werewolves, and similar individuals who can benefit from keeping tabs on lunar data. Yes, it looks complicated, although creators Anagraphic claims that the system is “easily comprehensible” once you get the basics on how to actually read them.


Because of the extremely detailed data included in each calendar, it’s not the kind of calendar that you can use anywhere in the world. Instead, each one is adapted to individual geographic locations.   As of today, they only have versions specifically made for Berlin, Budapest, Copenhagen, London, New York, and Vienna.


Available now, the Anaptar 2016 Calendar is priced at €35.43.

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