Anata No Warehouse: Japan’s Intentionally Run-Down, Seedy-Looking And Dilapidated Arcade Gaming Center


This building in Kawasaki, Japan looks more like a drug den than a video arcade, but it’s supposedly a real game center.  Called Anata no Warehouse (Your Warehouse), it’s a large building intentionally designed to look like it survived the…wait for it… Atomic bomb (bad joke KABOOM)!

According to Kotaku reader Landon (who sent in the pics to the gaming blog), it was meant to look like the “backstreets of China.”  While I’ve never been to the Kung Fu capital of the world (errr…I assume it is), that seedy, dirty-looking scene inside the structure (below photo) does look like urban backalleys in third world countries I’ve been in.  Hopefully, getting mugged while playing Street Fighter IV isn’t part of the experience or it’s going to be chaos in there.


The Anata no Warehouse features eight stories of extremely dark and dingy rooms.  Basically, it’s like the setting of a horror video game come to life.  Owners of active sweat glands need not worry, though – the place is fully airconditioned with plenty of amenities, such as free towels for Dance Dance Revolution players.


Sorry high school kids planning to visit Japan soon – the place is strictly 18 and up.  I’m not sure why, of course.  Maybe it really is a drug den.  Maybe, if you linger long enough, you’ll get hookers approaching you too.   If the latter happens to be true, by the way, then I’ll scream “All hail Japan!” at the top of my lungs.

Landon even provides some directions to get to the place in the comments of the original post (link below).  Don’t worry, dude, that building sticks out of the street like a sore finger – adults who obsessively spend their time in arcades should be able to find it.

[via Kotaku]