Wear Your Insides Out: The Anatomical Model Sleeping Bag

Who says sleeping bags have to be tasteful?  Gross people out and have a laugh while you’re at it with the Anatomical Model Sleeping Bag, which comes printed with a graphic illustration of human innards.  Cool!

Sporting an image that looks like it popped right out of a medical textbook, this is definitely not for those with stomachs that turn at the sight of blood and guts.  Or maybe it works, too, since you’ll be inside the sleeping bag.  It’s everyone else around you who will be stuck having to see the skin-less human body the whole time.

The Anatomical Model Sleeping Bag looks like a regular sleeping sack — the same padded slip-on blanket you roll out when you’ve got guests sleeping over and when you’re bunking in the woods on your Topeak Bikamper.  It measures seven feet long, so fitting inside should not be a problem (unless you’re Yao Ming, of course).

We can’t find much details about the actual make and materials, but let’s face it — no one’s buying this because it’s the most comfortable, rest-improving sleeping bag ever.  The creepy graphic plastered across it should be enough of a compelling reason.

Availability for the Anatomical Model Sleeping Bag appears to be restricted to Japan, with price set at 6,090 yen.

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