Andtie Is A Scarf And Necktie In One


Hate to wear a tie, but the office requires it?  Pretend to have one on with the Andtie, a scarf with one end styled to look like a necktie.   Of course, it leaves you with even more stuff to carry – a full scarf instead of an unobtrusive clip-on (admit it, that’s all you ever wear) – but such is the life for the office rebel.  Nobody tells you what to wear, dammit!

Created by Pral & Brok, the two-in-one accessory should actually be quite handy in cold weather.  Instead of having to put two garments on, you can get away with just one.  And judging by the looks, it works great for both keeping your neck warm and making you look like the most fashion-forward dude in the office.


They’re pimpin’ it for both girls and guys, so you can give it to your wife as a gift and borrow it from time to time when you don’t feel like putting on a real tie.  It sure is better than buying her those courtside Lakers tickets that we both know only you will really enjoy.

Unfortunately, the Andtie doesn’t seem  to be available yet.  According to the website, you’ll need to get in touch with the creators via email if you’re interested.