AngelH1, The All-Electric Hummer

It’s not the first all-electric Hummer we’ve seen, but the AngelH1 is one ride that’s looking to serve a very specific function.  Aside from being a monster of a truck, it doubles as a mobile charging station, designed to help other electric vehicles when they find themselves stuck with a drained battery while on the road.

Modified by Nation-E, the vehicle’s all-electric drivetrain makes for a stark contrast to the Hummer’s normally gas-guzzling ways.  It generates no noise during operation and creates no emission, making for an environmentally friendly ride to go with the hulking looks.

The AngelH1 is equipped with a 60kW battery module that it can use to supply juice to stranded electric vehicles.  More than that, though, the company is hoping to use it as an emergency power source for buildings, hospitals and other sites hit by tragedy.  The Hummer’s ability to drive across all terrains make it especially useful for this purpose, allowing it to deliver needed power in remote areas inaccessible to regular automobiles.

Nation-E will be showing the vehicle off at the E-Car-Tec exhibition in Munich, Germany from October 19 to 21.  They’re also trying to establish partnerships in as many countries as possible, with a  focus on Europe, the US and Israel.

[Nation-E via Autoblog Green]