Anglepoise Turns Their Iconic 1227 Lamp Into Oversized Outdoor Lighting


Having been around since 1935, there are few lamp designs more iconic than the Anglepoise 1227. The same articulated task lamp has found itself on the desks of generations of individuals, all of whom found great utility in its articulated arm and constant spring tension technology. And while Anglepoise continues to make the original, they’ve since expanded the 1227’s domain, using the same design in wall lights, pendant lights, and floor lamps. This time around, they’re turning it into aesthetically-overwhelming outdoor lighting in the form of the Original 1227 Giant Outdoor Collection.

Like the original desk lamp, these outdoor light pieces come with the same jointed design, articulated arms, and constant spring tension. Unlike it, the collection takes on oversized dimensions, turning the classic design into beautiful light fixtures that are equal parts functional and attention-grabbing. Seriously, they look like desk lamps for giants.


The Anglepoise Original 1227 Giant Outdoor Collection consists of two models: a floor lamp and a wall-mounted lamp. Both come in at over triple the scale of the original, making for quite the sight to have in a garden terrace, patio, or any other outdoor settings. Since they’re meant to stay outdoors, they get weather-resistant construction, including marine-grade stainless steel fittings, sealed light units, and durable silicone rubber power cables, ensuring they’ll stay functional through sun, rain, and snow. It comes in 15 different color finishes (with optional custom colors).


No pricing has been announced for the Anglepoise Original 1227 Giant Outdoor Collection, but they’re slated for availability starting June 1st.

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