These Animal Felt Planters Let You Grow The Cutest Kitchen Garden Ever


Any small planter will do a decent job of growing herbs and succulents inside the house. If you’re looking for one with a more playful and decorative touch, though, you can’t go wrong with these Animal Felt Planters, which come adorned with cute animal faces.

Made by Etsy shop The Yarn Kitchen, it’s a set of felt-covered bowls clad in the cartoonish likeness of adorable animals. The animals are supposed to be puppies, kitties, chicks, and octopuses, although they look indistinct enough that you can imagine them to be any cartoonish animal you want.


The kitty Animal Felt Planters, for instance, can easily pass off for sleeping owls or even piglets, with the chicks easily passing off as any kind of smiling critter. We’re guessing this can be a lot of fun for kids, who can give each planter its own specific personality, which they can match with whatever plant they decide to grow inside the bowl. Oh yeah, the octopus version is designed to be hung and used for air plants, with the growing plant serving as its ever-extending tentacles.


Do note, you’re not supposed to put the soil directly onto the Animal Felt Planters. Instead, each one is meant as a holding container for a separate 2-inch planter pot (not included), where you will grow the actual plants. Each one measures 7 x 4.5 cm (diameter x height) and can be ordered in any of 28 different colors.

Available now, the Animal Felt Planters are priced at $24 each.

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