Use The Animal Gift Wrap To Make Your Crappy Presents Look Super Adorable

When you’re a kid, it’s tough to resist the urge to immediately rip the wrap off any gift you get.  Because, let’s be honest, you want to toys and boxes aren’t toys.  But if the gifts came covered in these Animal Gift Wraps, we have a feeling it might delay the impulse to tear out that wrapping paper just a little bit.

Like any gift wrap, you use these to dress up boxes, along with a pair of scissors, a little glue, and some tape.  Unlike those puny gift wraps you can buy from the store, they make the boxes look like adorable animals, turning the boxes into veritable play things all on their own.  Yeah, we’d still suggest packing an actual toy inside, though (you’d just break a kid’s heart if the box turns out empty), but this can keep them playing for hours before even tearing their presents open.

A total of 24 different Animal Gift Wraps are available, each one able to turn a humble box into an adorable-looking creature.    The selection includes domesticated animals like cows, woodland creatures like raccoons and moose, fierce predators like lions and bears, cave-dwellers like bats, and even cold climate staples like penguins and polar bears.  You’ll need to wrap the paper a specific way to get the animals to appear right (it comes with step-by-step instructions), with an included set of stickers and cut out panels that you can add to decorate each one.  If you have some drawing skills, you can even take out a Sharpie and add extra details, like spots, stripes, or a gnarly bite if you want to make an elephant that looks like it came straight out of the zombie apocalypse.

The Animal Gift Wrap is available in sets of six (with eight sticker sheets and five cut-out sheets), priced at $29.99.

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