Suck UK’s Animal Head Key Holders Double As Mini-Hunting Trophies


Like many key fobs, the Animal Head Key Holder can attach to magnetic surfaces, so you can slap it into a wall-mounted magnetic board right by the front door for easy access. Unlike them, it’s shaped in the form of an animal’s head that you can attach onto a magnetic board that makes the whole thing look like a miniature big game trophy.

Made by Suck UK, it’s a trio of wild animal heads carrying an attached ring for holding your collection of keys and whatever EDC tools you like to hang with them on a keychain. Consisting of a bull, a rhino, and a tiger, it lets you haul your keys on the noggin of a wild creature sculpted in realistic detail.  And, yes, they all look mean.


Each Animal Head Key Holder is cast in steel, so it readily attaches onto any magnetic surface. Of course, every head comes with an accompanying miniature wooden plate, styled like the shields that those taxidermy heads of woodland beasts are mounted on. The plates come with adhesive backing for easy mounting right next to the light switch or on a cubicle wall, along with a small magnet in the middle for attaching the key fob right in the middle, making the entire thing look like a shrunken animal trophy head. Line up a dozen of these things and you can turn a small patch of wall into a mini-hunting cabin. Dimensions are 6.5 x 3 cm for the heads.


Available now, the Suck UK Animal Head Key Holders are priced at £10.

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