Gratiator Turns Cheese-Grating Tasks Into An Entertaining Swordfight


Yes, you probably already have a cheese grater in your kitchen. And, yes, it probably does its job fairly well, turning erstwhile blocks of cheese into strings of dairy that you can spread around your pasta before you stuff it up your face. We doubt, however, that your cheese grater can be used to reenact medieval tales of battle like the Gratiator Cheese Grater.

Designed to look like a broadsword, the utensil lets you wield a long-bladed weapon in the kitchen, allowing you to attack your cooking duties with the same intensity as you would every time you go LARPing with other medieval cosplayers in the park. The bad news? You can’t actually engage in a swordfight because the darn thing is sized like a regular cheese grater. The good news? No one’s going to laugh at you while you grate cheese with medieval flair, unlike what usually happens when you engage in swordfights with other cosplayers in the park. Yeah, having nerdy hobbies kind of suck sometimes.


Made by Animi Causa, the Gratiator Cheese Grater, basically, takes a regular-sized grater and adapts it into the shape of a sword’s blade. Afterwards, they attach it to a plastic hilt, turning the darn thing into a mini-sword that you can use to turn the kitchen countertop into a gladiator arena. Truth be told, it looks more like a wide-bladed survival knife instead of a sword (it measures 8.1 x 3 x 0.5 inches, length x width x thickness), making for quite a unique utensil to have in the kitchen drawer.

Do note, the darn thing can’t actually be used as a cutting, slashing, or thrusting tool, since all the edges are dull and the tip is completely blunt. As such, it should be perfectly safe to use at absolutely any time, whether you’re grating cheese to put on your toast while still groggy in the morning or eating leftover spaghetti after you got home from a heavy night out of drinking.


Because the darn thing looks like a badass sword, the Gratiator Cheese Grater gives you a great excuse to reenact any scene from Game of Thrones, Gladiator, or whatever other movies with swordplay you enjoy, all while screaming “Are you not entertained?” after finishing every single time. And, yes, you can totally thrust it into a big block of cheese to make it look like King Arthur’s Excalibur set in a big block of stone that only the true king of the kitchen can pull off from its place.

It comes with a single blade that’s not removable, so it stays looking like a sword the entire time it sits in the kitchen. That goes, whether the darn thing is in use, waiting to be cleaned in the dishwasher, or hanging on a hook above the countertop. Yes, there’s a whole at the end of the hilt that you can use to hang it as an alternative for sitting in a kitchen drawer.

Slated to be available in July, the Gratiator Cheese Grater is priced at $13.99.

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