Anker Soundcore Strike 1 Brings High-End Gaming Headset Functions At A Low-End Price

We’re big fans of Anker and their various accessories, which seem to always strike the perfect balance of quality and price. Suffice to say, they make affordable things while delivering a function comparable to more expensive products. And they’re slowly bringing that same impressive combination to a wider range of products. This time around, for instance, they’re looking to find a space in your gaming setup with the Anker Soundcore Strike 1 Gaming Headset.

Designed for competitive gamers, the cans boast gaming audio that enhances the sound of footsteps and gunfire in a way that makes it easier to locate exactly the direction from which they’re originating. That way, you’ll have an easier time finding enemies, instead of spending your time cowering in a corner, unsure of where you should be aiming your own sights.

The Anker Soundcore Strike 1 Gaming Headset uses 52mm drivers, compared to the 45mm usually found in similarly-sized headphones, allowing it to bring a bigger, fuller sound that, the outfit claims, has more “punch, power, and stunning realism.” Those drivers are housed in specially-designed acoustic chambers in each cup, which enhance the sound by amplifying positional audio cues, such as footsteps, movements, and gunfire, making it easier to locate where they are coming from. Truth be told, we’ve heard companies say this before about their gaming headsets, but at this price, we definitely don’t mind giving it a try.

The sound it produces, by the way, is very bass-driven, as it allows the audio to provide the visceral feedback required to make locating sound sources much easier.  From what we’ve read in reviews, the tuning for the drivers make it terrible for music listening, although it does seem to get praise for its gaming performance, which would be the only reason you’d want to buy it anyway.

The Anker Soundcore Strike 1 Gaming Headset comes with an integrated mic that’s designed to isolate your voice from background noise, ensuring your calls are transmitted to your teammates while any ambient sound gets toned down, so they don’t distract on the other end. The mic, by the way, is IPX5-rated for water resistance, so you can motor mouth your way through any game and cover the mic in your saliva without causing it any damage. Plus, it’s removable, so you can take the mic out for cleaning while leaving the headphones on your desk.

It uses memory foam ear pads that are infused with cooling gel, so it can help keep your ears from heating up too much during long hours of gaming, while a volume-limiting switch can keep the loud noises down to ensure you don’t incur any hearing damage. This is a wired pair of headphones, by the way, so if you prefer being undistracted by wires while playing, you might want to look elsewhere. It’s just regular headphones, too, so no special software needs to run anywhere, making it compatible with any gaming PC or console.

The Anker Soundcore Strike 1 Gaming Headset is available now.

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