Anki Overdrive Adds Modular Race Tracks To Their Line Of Self-Driving Toy Racers


We’re huge fans of Anki Drive and their AI-powered toy race cars. And, to be honest, we doubt we’ll tire of them for a long time. Actually, make that a long, long time because the company just announced an even better version called the Anki Overdrive.

Similar to the current version, the second-generation Anki will involve cars, an app, and a race track. A set of new cars will be introduced in the new iteration, along with a new app, but the race track is the real significant change.

In the current version, the cars race in a track that’s set up on a rubbery mat that you unroll on the floor every time you want to play. If you want a different track, you buy a new mat with a different track on it. With Anki Overdrive, the second part won’t be necessary, since the starter set will include ten modular parts (four straight, six curves) that can be assembled into any kind of track you want. That way, when you get bored with a course, you can just assemble it into something new. Even better, they’ll will be selling additional track modules, so you can expand your race track to however large your house will support. The tracks won’t just be straights and curves, either, but will include intersections (yes, the AI cars can will now be tasked to determine which road to choose), U-turns, and even ramps, so you can watch your robot cars catch some big air.

The Anki Overdrive kit will start selling in September, with the starter set priced at $150 and individual expansion tracks between $10 and $30 apiece.

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