Ant Watch Puts An Ant Farm On Your Wrist


Why would anyone want to wear an ant farm on their wrist? We have no clue. If you find yourself nodding agreeably to the idea of a miniature ant ecosystem strapped to your wrist, though, you can have it with the Ant Watch.

From afar, it looks like a watch, complete with a round dial, a buckled strap, and a design that should make it a good fit when worn on the wrist. Look closer, though, and you’ll find a tiny formicarium instead of a watch face, with actual harvester ants living inside them.


Created by the Analog Watch Company, the Ant Watch is absolutely incapable of telling time. Instead, it’s really meant to be just an absolutely geeky way to keep ants for pets. With the ants living on your wrist, you can check in any time you want to, allowing you to talk to them, feed them, or simply spy in on what they’re doing throughout the course of the day. Kinda like having Tamagotchis for the kids who lived through the 90s, except more embarrassing because you keep it in an absolutely conspicuous place.


It comes with five ants inside the shake-resistant nesting material, including one female ant (sterile, though, so they don’t reproduce and overpopulate). To care for the ants, you simply need to feed them with the included sugar solution twice a month, dropping them through a feeding hole on the side. Construction is plant-based bio-plastic for the watch case.

The Ant Watch is priced at $59.

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