Anti-Cheating Ring Makes It Harder To Pretend You’re Single

You know your husband takes off his wedding ring during his increasingly frequent “business trips.”  And it drives you crazy.  He swears he isn’t dogging on you, but your spider sense swears something else entirely.  So you’ve been looking at possible solutions and you’ve decided on a course of action: you will drug him and hire a mad scientist to surgically weld that ring permanently into his finger bones.  While searching for a doctor that will agree to do that, you might want to consider this Anti-Cheating Ring as a temporary alternative.

It’s actually just an ordinary wedding band with one secret ingredient: it has an engraving on the inner panel that says “I’M MARRIED.”  The engraving is made such that it will leave the same “I’M MARRIED” mark on the finger, so when your dirty dog of a spouse takes it off, the message will stay on his finger for the world to see.

Will the Anti-Cheating Ring stop infidelity?  We doubt it.  But it’s a nice way to piss off a husband that you suspect is cheating on you anyway.  This way, you get to torture him one more time before you torture him permanently with a divorce, alimony and child support demands that will cripple him for the rest of his life.  Ah, the joys of matrimony.

The ring itself is made from strengthened titanium and can be made to any size request.  You can order it from I Want One of Those (6 weeks lead time, though), priced at £359.99.

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