Anti-Google Van Shirt Tells Google To Exclude You From Street View


Afraid to be caught on candid camera by that bad, bad Google Street View van roaming your area?  Wear this Anti-Google Van Shirt and tell their overpaid engineers to automatically exclude you.  Then, cross your fingers and hope that they actually have that option in the Street View algorithm.

Some people like to be photographed and seen by the world.  Others like to keep their privacy intact.   This shirt is the only plain-as-day way to tell Google which of those camps you belong to without having to keep a lookout on every photograph they update your area with.

Just like websites that ask to be excluded from the index, the Anti-Google Van Shirt adds a tag in your personal ROBOTS.TXT telling the search giant to disallow your inclusion in their archives.  Believe me, the last thing you want is your parents trolling your neighborhood on Street View and seeing you talking to the corner transvestite that starts work every 3PM.  That’s for you and you alone, dammmit.

Made from midweight 100% cotton with a standard fit (Value T), the shirt is nothing special.  However, the message is.  Now, the onus is on Google to actually work that into their code.  After all, you already expressed disapproval of your mug being used for other people’s weird voyeuristic tendencies.

Aside from the $11.99 Anti-Google Van Shirt, they also have a $4.99 bumper sticker with the same graphic.   Make sure to put it prominently on your car, so Street View doesn’t show your ride parked in the driveway of your boss’ home if you know what I mean

[Wildcardz @ Cafepress via Fashionably Geek]